A Day in the Life of an Audencia Business School Student

Jeunes qui travaillent

Have you ever pictured yourself as a big-shot business leader? Do you want to get knowledge that will actually be useful in the real world, not just theoretical, but practical skills and a global perspective? If so, then Audencia Business School stands out as a top choice for your ambitions.

But what exactly does a typical day look like for a student at this business school?

Bright and Early: Fuelling Up for a Classroom Adventure

The day begins at Audencia with an air of anticipation. The diverse of students brings a unique energy to the campus, with classmates coming from different parts of the world. This global aspect is integrated into the  International MBA program, creating a dynamic exchange of viewpoints that prepares students for success in the business fields today.
In the mornings, theoretical courses serve as the foundation of the schedule.

Our professors, who are authorities in their fields, deliver the knowledges of fundamental business principles to the curious students. However, Audencia goes beyond traditional teaching methods.

Diverse Approach to Learning

Audencia's dedication to hands-on learning guarantees that your schedule is coming with an array of engaging classes. Interactive sessions bring case studies, carefully selected to mirror real-world business scenarios, to life. You will be exposed to a variety of challenges faced by leading companies, improving your analytical and problem-solving skills in a collaborative environment.

Practical exercises make you to apply theoretical knowledge to concrete situations. By working alongside your international group mates in teams, you will come up with many practical solutions, mastering teamwork, and communication skills that employers highly value.

Knowledge Hub to Feed Your Brain

In between classes, you might find yourself seeking refuge in one of Audencia's Knowledge Hubs. These places offer a vast collection of resources, from academic journals and business publications with databases. Whether you are conducting in-depth research for a group project or simply seeking to expand your knowledge on a specific business topic, the knowledge hubs provide the perfect environment for focused learning.

Charting Your Professional Path with Audencia Career Center

As the day progresses, you might attend a workshop organized by the Audencia Career Center. Here, industry experts equip you with the tools you need to navigate the competitive job market. Imagine yourself participating in a workshop on interview techniques, gaining invaluable insights on how to present yourself confidently and effectively in front of potential employers. Or perhaps you will find yourself practicing the elevator pitch, crafting compelling and straightforward messages that show your unique value proposition on the job market.

The Audencia approach goes beyond technical skills development. Workshops on communication and networking equip you with the soft skills that are essential for building strong relationships and achieving success in the business world.

A Global Network: Audencia Alumni Community

The Audencia experience extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. As an Audencia student, you gain automatic entry into a prestigious global alumni network. This network, comprised of over 34,000 successful graduates in 115 countries, provides invaluable resources and support throughout your career journey.

Imagine connecting with alumni working in your dream industry or seeking guidance from a seasoned professional who has walked a similar path. The Audencia Alumni network opens doors to exciting opportunities and fosters lifelong connections that can propel your career forward.

Campus Life Beyond the Classroom Walls

As the day draws to a close, the Audencia experience extends beyond the classroom. The stunning Audencia Campuses offer a vibrant social scene, with numerous student clubs and organisations matching with diverse interests. This is a big chance to connect with classmates outside the academic study, creating lasting friendships and memories.
Whether you are participating in a cultural exchange event or unwinding with friends at a local cafe, the Audencia community fosters a sense of belonging. This supportive network becomes an invaluable resource throughout your personal and professional transformation, helping to develop the skills and knowledge and become a future leader in the global business world. 

Embracing French Language and Local Culture

As the day winds down, you might choose to apply for an optional French language class. While a lot of school’s programs are conducted in English, equipping yourself with basic French skills can significantly enhance your overall experience in France. Imagine navigating local markets with newfound confidence, striking up conversations with friendly neighbours, or even ordering a delicious meal – these everyday interactions become more accessible with a foundational knowledge of French.

These classes are designed for students with varying levels of proficiency, so whether you're a complete beginner or looking to brush up on your existing skills, there's a course that's right for you. After a day of challenging coursework and stimulating discussions, an evening French class can be a rewarding way to immerse yourself in the local culture and language, adding another layer of richness to your Audencia journey.

Living in Nantes: Immersing Yourself in a Dynamic City

Your learning experience is not limited to the boundaries of the Audencia campus. The lively city of Nantes becomes your playground, offering a distinctive combination of history, culture, and progress.
Situated on the Loire River, Nantes showcases a significant history, with its grand castle and district waiting to be discovered. However, Nantes is also a forward-thinking city, overflowing with innovative start-ups and a thriving business community.

This dynamic atmosphere creates the ideal setting for the studies. Picture yourself enjoying lunch with fellow classmates at a bustling cafe, engaging in discussions about the latest business trends, or taking a break to explore the numerous museums and art galleries scattered throughout the city. Nantes provides many reasons to start your academic journey here.

Ready to embark on your own Audencia journey?

This full of energy and learning student’s day at Audencia Business School is just a taste of the exciting and enriching experience that comes next. We invite you to explore our programs to learn more about the exciting possibilities that await you at Audencia Business School!