Developing Your Employer Brand

Make your employer brand shine by getting involved in the heart of Audencia's teaching
Sparking curiosity and introducing your organization to our students by getting involved in Audencia's classes is a great way to raise awareness of your company and develop your employer brand.

Audencia Programs

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Audencia's programs allow you to present your company in a variety of formats to reach different student profiles.

These presentations are ideal times for exchange, advice and sharing experiences.

15 programs match your search
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Employer branding events

Strengthen your visibility and promote your employer brand by benefiting from presentations on a wide range of issues and from a pool of bold, successful and responsible students.
Language: English, French
For who?: All companies wishing to enhance their employer brand and increase their visibility among our students.
Campus: Audencia Atlantic Campus, Paris Campus, Shenzhen Campus, Campus Chengdu - SWUFE, Vendée Campus
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Career meetings

Take advantage of these events to educate and connect with students about your careers, career paths, and the skills you seek.

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Informative presentations

Speak on behalf of your company, covering your areas of expertise and your professional background.

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Challenge students with problems related to your industry.

Become an Audencia Partner

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Joining our network means benefiting from our support and solutions tailored to your needs.

Explore our offerings and let's build a customized, long-term partnership that aligns with your strategy.

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What are the benefits for your company?
  • Detect new talent
  • Enhance your company and your professions
  • Have an innovative vision of your practices

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