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Make a positive impact and ensure high visibility among all our students

We invite you to participate in our Career Fairs, which are a unique networking opportunity to meet, interview and recruit Audencia students.

Career Fairs, both face-to-face and online, make it easy to meet and discuss with students who are looking for an internship, or a job.

Alumni profiles

Graduates of Audencia's programs possess a wide range of skills due to the diversity and richness of the academic curricula they have followed, making them the responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Apprentice profiles

An immediate need, recruiting for the future.
Looking for one or two years of professional immersion alternating with periods of schooling, Audencia apprentices aim for a BAC +3 to BAC +6 diploma.

Trainee profiles

From programs aimed at BAC +3 to BAC +6, Audencia’s students are looking for a 2 to 6 month internship opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop their professional experience.

Top 10 companies recruiting Audencia interns

Audencia - Recruitment forum


  • KPMG
  • LVMH
  • EY
  • Deloitte
  • L'Oréal
  • Wavestone
  • Mazars
  • Crédit agricole
  • BNP Paribas
  • Société générale
Audencia - Companies forum 2022
What are the benefits for your company?
  • Create a talent pool
  • Target qualified profiles
  • Enjoy exclusive networking opportunities