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Audencia has specialized in top-level higher education and research for over 50 years.

Our 3 founding values are Innovation(acting as a challenger), Cooperation(succeeding together) and Responsibility (asserting our difference).

Through its programs, its numerous partnerships with companies and universities in France and around the world, Audencia actively contributes to the development and influence of its territory with its 5 campuses in France and 4 international campuses.

Audencia, in a few figures, is:

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Our Commitments

Our commitments

Audencia's ambition is not to be the best school in the world, but a better school for the world, and claims to be a stakeholder in the transformation of society, today and in the future.

In addition to integrating the challenges of ecological and social transition into the core of its research and teaching, Audencia is implementing an ambitious CSR approach that involves all of the school's departments as well as its 500 employees.

Joining Audencia means joining an organization that is structured around 5 priorities:

Fostering Gender Equality

Supporting the Disabled

Implementing a Low-carbon Strategy

Integrating Sustainable Development Objectives Into Teaching

Developing Useful Research to Advance Business and Society

The changes of practices and professions is a crucial lever in the implementation of Audencia's CSR, both through the knowledge and mastery of the fundamentals of ecological and social issues, and through the appropriation of changes in everyone's business, all functions included. Audencia is therefore committed to raising awareness and training its internal teams as informed employee-citizens, capable of guiding their decisions and practices in favor of ecological and social transition.

The quality of the CSR approach and its integration into the school's strategy has been recognized in particular by

  • The LUCIE label, which Audencia received for the first time in 2013 and has renewed every 3 years since then,
  • its membership of the UN Global Compact initiative since 2004. Audencia was the first management school in France to join the Global Compact and is also a signatory to its Principles of Responsible Management Education,
  • A renewed partnership with the WWF, which aims to integrate social and environmental issues into the school's courses and activities as a whole.