Social Grants

The cost of tuition is a major barrier to business school.

By 2025, the goal is to have at least 25% of students on scholarships by increasing the available scholarship fund.

The Audencia System

A conference at Audencia

To overcome this self-censorship and promote social openness, Audencia implements several schemes:

  • Waive part of the 1st year tuition fees depending on the level of the CROUS scholarship
  • The provision of a scholarship fund available to students in difficulty throughout their schooling
  • The development of apprenticeships with the creation of its Apprentice Training Centers (CFA) since 2021

Companies that share this vision of the richness of diversity can join this effort.

In order to support deserving young people, companies can give their name to a scholarship by defining selection criteria in addition to the social criterion (e.g. geographical criterion, training objective, interest in a business sector, etc.).

Students who meet these criteria may send a cover letter and resume to apply for the scholarship. A pre-selection of the best applications will be made by an internal Audencia scholarship committee, and then the company will be able to choose its winners.

Sales team and company managers at an office meeting
What's in it for the company?
  • Employer brand visibility as early as the recruitment phase, promoting your company as a socially responsible recruiter
  • Participation in the selection process
  • Establish privileged long-term relationships with the winners, to be defined together: mentoring, meetings, internship offers, etc.

Anaïs Dekens

Master's Student Audencia PGE

The scholarship offered by L'Oréal allowed me to finance an entire semester at Audencia. Without it, I would not have been able to pursue my current career path.
It also gave me the opportunity to benefit from the privileged support of the L'Oréal Group, which will have a significant impact on my employability and future internship searches.

Jean-Claude Legrand

DHRO, l'Oréal Human Resources Director

The company's role is also to act beyond its walls by supporting young people in their school careers. I am a firm believer in equity, the foundation of equal opportunity.

Every young person, regardless of their socio-economic background, must be given a fair chance to realize their aspirations.

And investing in education means overcoming economic barriers and providing a springboard for bright, motivated young people through academic excellence.

Enrique Camacho

Invivo Fondation scholarship holder in MSc Food & Agribusiness Management

All the experiences I've had during my training at Audencia are thanks to the support of the Invivo Foundation, through the scholarship they awarded me.

My goal was to complete my initial training with a high quality course at Audencia, but the cost of this project was an obstacle. The Invivo Foundation opened the doors of Audencia to me and I am deeply grateful to them.