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Vision & Responsible Commitments

As a pioneering CSR school, Audencia has placed environmental and social transition at the heart of its strategy. To identify its priorities, define its objectives and monitor its action plans, the school works closely with its various stakeholders, who challenge and monitor the school's commitments. Audencia has integrated CSR commitments into its training, research and the School.

CSR in our school

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An ambitious approach to CSR

In addition to integrating the challenges of environmental and social transition into the heart of its research and teaching, Audencia is implementing an ambitious CSR approach that involves all of the school's departments and numerous partners.
This approach, designed in collaboration with our stakeholders, is structured around 5 priorities, broken down into quantified objectives and action plans, which are monitored by the CSR General Delegation. The quality of the CSR approach and its integration into the school's strategy have been recognized by the LUCIE label, which Audencia received for the first time in 2013 and has since been renewed every 3 years.

CSR in our training courses

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Alignment with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Convinced that entrepreneurs and managers must integrate the challenges of ecological and social transition into the heart of business models, strategies and management practices, Audencia implements teaching that enables all students to develop the knowledge and skills to become actors in these transformations.

Drawing on the expertise of its faculty and the members of its CSR Strategy Committee, the school ensures that all its programs and courses are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and that they develop the skills to have a positive impact on individuals, businesses and society.

CSR in our research

Audencia CSR Challenge


One of the objectives of our school is to promote the development of knowledge in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. To this end, it brings together educator-researchers from Audencia Business School, as well as from other institutions working in this field.

In close collaboration with companies and other stakeholders, research projects aim not only to develop theoretical knowledge on CSR, but also to help in the design and implementation of CSR approaches in the field, as well as to propose appropriate models and tools.

Through this work, Audencia aims to contribute to the debate on responsible management and the challenges of sustainable development.

An inclusive school

Audencia - Conference on understanding disability

Toward a more open, egalitarian, and diverse society

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Audencia works every day to promote a more open, egalitarian and diverse society.
The school develops numerous initiatives to integrate, support and ensure the success of all talents, regardless of social background, gender or disability.

GAIA, the School of Ecological and Social Transition

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A Radical Approach to Accelerate the Environmental Transition

Adjacent to Audencia, the Gaïa School proposes a radical approach to accelerate the ecological and social transition of individuals, organizations and society.
Given the challenges we face, Gaïa's ambition is to train the professionals and leaders of the transition: individuals who make the choice to influence our collective future by reinventing the way we produce, work, consume and live together.

Audencia x The Shift Project

Audencia - student wearing a "climate fresco" t-shirt

The Shift Project and Audencia join forces to improve the integration of environmental issues into management training!

As part of the "Climatsup Business - Training the players of tomorrow's economy" project, The Shift Project proposes an operational method for integrating environmental issues into management education, developed in partnership with our school and several other institutions.
In particular, a report published in early November 2022 discusses the results of this collective endeavor.