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Encouraging and Sharing Knowledge to Accelerate Business Change

Join an academic and professional community of excellence and access cutting-edge expertise to fuel your growth. Benefit from cutting-edge expertise and accelerate your company's transformation by joining a Research Chair. 
Our experts create content that has a significant impact on society by developing concrete projects with companies.

What is a Chair?

Audencia - National Observatory on Family Entrepreneurship

Supported by the Audencia Foundation, a Chair is a center dedicated to the promotion of an emerging discipline or knowledge through the development of research and teaching on a concrete management issue.
By promoting the transfer of knowledge, it positions itself as an interface for creating synergies between the expertise of educators-researchers, partner companies and the socio-economic world of the relevant field of application.

What are the benefits for your company?
  • Become a research subject and work to improve your practices
  • Benefit from privileged access to the Chair's achievements developed according to a roadmap developed with you
  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to a strategic issue and send a powerful message to all your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the promotion of innovative practices in society