Audencia Alumni

As you pursue your studies at Audencia, you'll also be joining our alumni network!

A dynamic, supportive community

Audencia Alumni is a dynamic and supportive community of graduates, committed to offering a diversity of content aligned with the school's values. 
Audencia Alumni is also an ecosystem that relies on stakeholders working in close proximity to support our graduates throughout their professional lives.

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A dedicated service offering

Being a member of Audencia Alumni also means benefiting from a dedicated range of services to support you throughout your career, whether it's to train, discuss, collaborate, undertake, network or inspire you.

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But what do Audencia graduates do?

Discover the inspiring portraits of emblematic graduates with varied backgrounds and careers.
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To find out more about the network's news and events, visit the Audencia Alumni LinkedIn page.
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Are you an alumni?

Go to Together, the community website for all graduates of Audencia programs! You'll find news and upcoming events, as well as the Alumni directory, communities, The Mag and all the other services offered by Audencia Alumni.