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Entrepreneurship with Audencia

Our ambition is to make Audencia a place of exploration, experimentation and responsible transformation by and for the entrepreneurial commitment of its communities.

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An entrepreneurial dynamic rooted in the long term and its territory

Among business and management schools, Audencia was a pioneer by being part of the first wave of schools to set up an incubator in the early 2000s. This system has been run jointly with Centrale Nantes since 2015 and has been extended to the Alliance with ENSA Nantes since 2016.

Audencia collaborates with all stakeholders in the Nantes area to promote entrepreneurship (PEPITE, La Cantine Numérique, la French Tech nantaise, Le Wagon Nantes, and more)

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Entrepreneurship in our training courses

Entrepreneurship is not an option at Audencia; it's part of the core curriculum. Every student who graduates from Audencia is taught entrepreneurship in its own right.

Support systems

Audencia's Pôle Entrepreneur support systems are adaptable to each stage of development and are available to all entrepreneurial project managers.

Entrepreneur financing

The Pôle Entrepreneur directs you to:

  • The Audencia Foundation, to benefit scholarships for students in entrepreneurial internships
  • The Fonds d'Amorçage Audencia - Audencia Alumni - CCI Nantes Saint-Nazaire, which supports projects initiated by our students and alumni in their first fundraising efforts

The Career Center

We also work on the professional integration of entrepreneurs, in conjunction with Audencia's Career Center team.

The Audencia Careers team of consultants, made up of human resources professionals, psychologists and coaches, will guide you as a student or graduate, to better value your skills and build your professional projectin France and internationally.

  • Choosing your career: self-knowledge, skills identification, definition of priorities and motivations, application tools, networking, communication
  • Validating your career project: themed group workshops and personalized service offer
  • Using the best tools: classic tools, 2.0 solutions, personality tools, databases