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About Audencia

Cultivate audacity, always and at any age, believe in yourself, take the plunge, innovate, learn from your failures, get back up and start again
Commit with and for others, act as a responsible, respectful and benevolent manager, make a positive impact on society.

Daring grows us, expands our horizons, feeds our imagination to better change the world.

Our signature: Never Stop Daring

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Founded in 1900, Audencia is a consular institution of higher education of excellence present in France and internationally, which develops several families of programs of initial and continuing education, ranging from Bachelor's to Doctorate degrees.
Audencia redefines the contours of THE Business School. By being a laboratory of innovative ideas, an experimental ground, an imaginative and more virtuous player.

Together with others, it gives itself the means to develop, management teaching methods that fully reconcile the quest for individual and collective performance with the imperatives of a more sustainable development that benefits everyone. In collaboration with other stakeholders, Audencia produces research that has an impact on individuals and the world.

Finally, in its own evolution, Audencia continues to implement more responsible, inclusive and supportive practices for individuals, organizations and society. Audencia, the school that breathes to inspire others.

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Innovation as a challenger

Anticipating the needs of companies and the market, shaping trends, making commitments, pushing the boundaries... A pioneer in many fields, over the years Audencia has defined the new trends in French and international business schools: mandatory semester abroad, general cultural courses, the integration of CSR in all programs... and, more recently, the cross-fertilization of skills.


Cooperating to dare together

 Internally and externally, cooperation is a daily reality, driven by a participatory management model that advocates consultation, concertation and co-creation and promotes the involvement and integration of all its stakeholders in the decisions that impact the School.


Responsibility to affirm our difference

Responsibility is a fundamental commitment of Audencia, a pioneer in this field. It consists of partnerships with the school's various stakeholders and is reflected in research, teaching and the way the institution operates.