Career and Corporate Relations Center

The Career & Corporate Relations Center is a true cabinet for professional consulting & coaching serving Audencia's learners, graduates, and recruiters. We develop tailored coaching offers for all Audencia programs, with a view to employability and skills development, in France and internationally.

To help you succeed in your professional project

We offer a unique coaching package for each program, built around 5 key areas of expertise:

  • Identifying your strengths and motivations to awaken your potential
  • Optimizing your application tools (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.)
  • Making the difference in recruitment interviews (practicing with mock interviews, preparing for demanding selection processes such as graduate training programs, assessment centers, etc.)
  • Building & developping your professional network in France and internationally
  • Get to grips with the job market in France and internationally, understanding your target market and its challenges

Thanks to our close relationship with recruiters, we develop a diverse range of tailor-made events: general or specialized forums, testimonials, educational projects, challenges and more.

Our aim is to accelerate the connection between companies and students to maximize your employability.

We also meet companies' needs for employer branding and support Audencia's development via the collection of the apprenticeship tax. All our tools and services are available on our platform.

personality tools: MBTI and Assesfirst
98 %
student satisfaction for platform appointments
intervention hours/year

Discover the Career and Corporate Relations Center platform

Audencia - Career Center Partner Counsellors

The platform can be accessed from Audencia Tomorrow - "Career Center" or Together section, book your career appointment directly online with one of our coundellors/coaches!

You'll also find:

  • Internship and job offers
  • Information on the job market
  • Assessment tools to help you get to know yourself better
  • Articles, tips and more
individual career interviews
partner companies, including 165 premium
95 %
professional integration rate after 6 months