Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation

Our teaching draws on the expertise of our faculty in entrepreneurship, strategy, business development, design, and innovation.

Education & Teaching

Our expertise is based on our own research and professional experience. We develop our teaching in close collaboration with our ecosystem, involving practitioners and managers in the teaching process. This ensures that our courses are relevant to today's organizations. These connections to the local ecosystem help us develop and deliver courses inspired by the latest practices and knowledge for the next generation of entrepreneurs, managers and leaders. Finally, we focus on experiential learning. We engage learners in the creation of new knowledge. Whenever possible, our classes allow students to become participants in the local ecosystem for the duration of the class, giving each student the opportunity to build strong relationships with relevant stakeholders.

Our department is home to several degrees and specializations at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including entrepreneurship, marketing, design and creation, and business development.


A conference at Audencia

Research within the department is at once conceptual, theoretical and empirical. It aims to bring greater understanding to the complex phenomena and realities faced by economists. Our researchers are specialists in entrepreneurship, strategy, business development, design and innovation. They are committed stakeholders in the scientific communities in which they identify and respond in a collaborative manner to new challenges and research questions.

Our department is also home to two research chairs: the Family Entrepreneurship and Society chair and the Finance for Innovation chair. Department members receive invaluable support from members of our international affiliate faculty.

The research of department members is published in leading scientific journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Human Relations, Organization Studies, British Management Journal, Gender, Work & Organization, Journal of World Business, International Business Review, International Small Business Journal, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, Technovation, Futures and Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Among the department's members, several hold key positions on the editorial boards of renowned journals, acting as editors-in-chief, associate editors or social media managers. In addition, members of our department are involved in national and international networks of researchers and practitioners, such as AOM, ECSB, BAM, EGOS, EURAM, ISBE and others.

Research Seminars

In our research, we work at the individual (entrepreneur, leader, manager), organizational (start-up, SME, large corporation and multinational) and inter-organizational (network, cluster, supply chain, ecosystem, stakeholder) levels. We start from practical, real-life questions to explore them empirically, using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

On Thursday afternoons, our department regularly invites renowned researchers working in France or abroad to present their latest projects at Audencia. The Research Managers also organize internal research seminars on work in progress, which allow faculty members and PhD students from the Research & Business Lab to present and improve their work through discussion with their peers.