Funding for Entrepreneurs

Audencia has established a number of ways to finance entrepreneurs, such as the creation of a seed fund and entrepreneurial scholarships made possible by the Audencia Foundation.

Fonds d'amorçage - Seed fund

Creation of the Seed Fund

In 2016, Audencia, Audencia Alumni and the CCI Nantes St-Nazaire created an investment fund to help finance young innovative companies in their seed phase and managed by an Audencia student or graduate.


The objective of the Fund is to provide a "helping hand" to companies in their first stage of fundraising, helping them to convince other investors to accelerate their development. This participation takes the form of an equity investment.


Since 2016, the Allocation Committee has invested €160,000 in 9 companies. The funded companies have raised on average an additional €150,000 to €400,000, thanks in part to the guarantee provided by the Audencia Fund.

To date, 5 companies have exited the fund for €162,000, generating a capital gain of €57,000.

Two committees, organized in March and June 2022, have validated equity investments in 5 new companies and one that is benefiting from a second round.

Some examples of supported startups


Co-created by Jérôme PASQUET (MBA 2006) & Jérôme DUMAS

Peek'in offers a lost and found management solution for tourism professionals, turning lost or found items into a source of satisfaction for their customers.

The Fonds d'Amorçage will invest alongside other investors (business angels and investment funds) in a €1,000,000 financing round.

Terroir des Anges

Created by Louis de Casabianca (PGE 2022)

Terroir des Anges aims to democratize the spirits from our French terroirs and make them available to as many people as possible at the best price, in the form of monthly boxes or by the unit.

The fund is ready to invest €20,000 in the company's capital if it reaches its fundraising goal of €270,000.

La Ruche A Vin

Created by Nicolas CORMERAIS (PGE 2021 & INSA Rennes)

La Ruche A Vin offers a solution that allows wine to be served and kept at the right temperature during a meal in a precise and aesthetic way.

The Fonds d'Amorçage will invest alongside other investors (Business Angels and Investment Funds) in a financing round of €75,000.


Co-founded by Jacques DE SESMAISONS (PGE 2019)

Sharit is a marketplace that allows individuals to find co-subscribers with whom to share the cost of digital subscriptions. Six months after its launch, the platform already has 8,000 users.

The Fund is prepared to invest €20,000 in the company's capital if it reaches its fundraising target of €500,000.

Entrepreneurial Grants
IMPULSE - Audencia Foundation

So that the lack of an internship allowance does not act as a brake on the engagement in an entrepreneurial project, an Entrepreneurial Grant can be requested to support the entrepreneurial engagement and deployment.

The amount will be negotiated each year with the Audencia Foundation and will be validated as soon as possible after the registration of the agreements to trigger monthly payments until the end of the internship period.

In 2022, the IMPULSE Life Grant is set at a total amount of 2,500 euros per entrepreneurial student for an internship at the end of their studies; and 1,000 euros for a student in the second part of an AIPM gap year internship.

Scholarships Audace Competition - Audencia Foundation

The Audencia Foundation supports the winning student entrepreneurial talents of the Audace Competition.