Responding to the UN's 2019 call for a decade of action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals will require profound changes in consumption, production patterns, lifestyles and, by extension, marketing.

For efficient, innovative and sustainable marketing that creates global value

Together, through our research, teaching and corporate collaborations, we aim to promote efficient, innovative and sustainable marketing that meets the challenges of ecological and social transition. Our ambition is to be a reference and critical thinker in the transition to positive impact marketing for organizations, consumers, citizens and society at large. 
As marketing educators, our mission is to develop the expertise, creativity and critical thinking of our students. We mobilize innovative educational methods that put students first. We empower our students to become agents of change and invite them to rethink marketing practices.

Teacher in front of a group of marketing students

We draw on the latest knowledge in the areas of digitization of commerce, big data, artificial intelligence, brand strategy, customer experience and marketing accountability. Our goal is to develop the skills of tomorrow's marketers and equip them with the tools they need to establish themselves as agents of virtuous transformation in their organizations.

As marketing researchers, we advance research in cutting-edge areas of marketing related to the courses we teach, with the goal of creating value for all stakeholders, including sustainable value and global well-being.