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Research at Audencia

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Research at Audencia aims to create knowledge that has an impact for the school's stakeholders: students, the scientific community, businesses and civil society at large.
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Research conducted at Audencia aims in particular to contribute to the ecological and social transition, a major focus of the ECOS 2025 strategic plan.

Our objectives

We encourage our educator-researchers to:

  • Contribute to all areas of management to inspire more virtuous practices
  • Target high-impact journals, publish books or case studies
  • Produce interdisciplinary/hybrid collaborative research
  • Establish research partnerships with government bodies and companies via chairs or funded research programs


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All of our teachers have access to training, support, and an evaluation and incentive system.

All our professors receive support from the school in their research activities, including:

  • research seminars are organized regularly in each department and jointly by several departments
  • thematic workshops are also organized regularly
  • Faculty members can request trainings based on their specific needs
  • Faculty members benefit from administrative and financial support
  • for their research activities
  • An incentive system also rewards professors' publications

Audencia's research ecosystem

  • Permanent faculty members
    Audencia's faculty members publish in international scientific journals of the highest level, but also produce applied research with a direct impact on students, businesses and society.
  • Affiliate faculty members
    Affiliate professors are external professors who work for Audencia and visit the school once or several times a year. They work closely with members of the permanent faculty. Affiliated professors may, for example, advise members of the permanent faculty on current research projects, or collaborate with them on joint research projects. They lead workshops, seminars and training courses.
  • Visiting experts
    These are eminent professors or practitioners who stimulate a dialogue between research and practice. These professors address issues relevant to business and society; their aim is to nurture professional practice through research.
  • PhD students, post-docs and the PhD program
    Our PhD students fall under two programs: the DBA program and the PhD program. 
    PhD students are supervised by Audencia professors, and enrolled in various doctoral schools in France or abroad. Currently, some twenty PhD students, as well as post-docs, are involved in projects financed by government or private funds.

Research ethics

Audencia has a centralized research ethics review process through an Ethics Committee. The ethics review process applies to all research conducted by Audencia's educator-researchers; it is guided by the ethics charter of the Academy of Management Association.
The Ethics Committee formulates opinions on ethical questions that may arise for members of the permanent faculty in connection with their research projects, examines the ethics of research projects ex-ante or ex-post, investigates any complaints, including those from outside the school.

Open archives policy

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Audencia has a dedicated portal on the open archive platform HAL, managed by the CNRS, and encourages the self-archiving of academic articles by its faculty members.
This system allows for rapid and open dissemination of articles, and improves the visibility of research produced at Audencia.