Audencia Chairs

Supported by funding from the Audencia Foundation, a chair is a scheme
created to advance a developing field or area of knowledge by conducting research and teaching on a specific management issue.
By facilitating the transfer of knowledge, a chair serves as a conduit for creating synergies between the expertise of teaching researchers, partner companies, and the socio-economic world of the relevant field.

From academic expertise to practical application

Each Chair is led by one or more teaching-researchers whose expertise is recognized in their field. They are supported by a permanent team of doctoral students, studies, and research project managers, as well as other teaching-researchers from the school who may provide complementary skills on an ad hoc basis.

Two people handling puzzle pieces

Positive Impact Chair

An elderly man working with his adult daughter

Family Entrepreneurship and Society Chair

Image of a city seen from above

RÉALITÉS chair - Bringing territorial intelligence to life

A sheet with curves and numbers

Finance for Innovation Chair

Woman working on a touch screen

Purchasing & Digital Innovation Chair

A person working on graphics

Global Multi-Capital Performance Chair