BBA Big Data & Management

Acquire a unique blend of expertise in management and data engineering to meet new business needs.

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The BBA Big Data & Management prepares students to take on cross-functional management positions. They will acquire both strong managerial skills (finance, management, marketing, strategy) and advanced technical skills in the collection, analysis, and use of data for business performance.

Jointly developed by Audencia and Centrale Nantes, this course draws on the academic excellence of both institutions to offer a program with a strong international and professional focus.

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  • Rhythm:
    Full time
  • Entry level:
  • Total duration:
    4 years
  • Degree:
    BBA, Licence - Grade Licence
  • Language(s):
  • Format:
    In person
  • Duration of internship / Work experience:
    12 months
  • Campus:
    Audencia Atlantic Campus - Nantes
  • Start Date:
    2024-09-04, 2024-09-04
  • Training schedule:
    3 years and 6 months
  • Number of places:

A word from the Co-directors

The exponential growth in the production of Big Data reinforces the strategic nature of its collection and analysis at the service of operational and strategic decision-making, especially in real time. As a creator of value, data affects all sectors of the economy and all business functions: customer consumption analysis, advertising targeting, service personalization, risk management, medical research, climate change monitoring, and more. A wealth of information that we need to know how to collect, process, and analyze in order to anticipate trends and inform decisions.

In this context, the mission of the Big Data & Management BBA program, supported by Centrale Nantes and Audencia, is to train hybrid managers with a strong international outlook and a high level of expertise in all dimensions of management (finance, management, marketing, strategy) and to provide them with scientific and technical skills in the collection, analysis and use of data to serve business performance.

The key strength of the BBA Big Data & Management lies in the fact that it is delivered by two top-ranked institutions with recognized faculty in the two main areas covered by this program, management and big data. Choosing the BBA Big Data & Management means choosing to acquire advanced expertise for assured employability in a fast-changing economy looking for young hybrid graduates..

Luisa Silva & Marc Gibiat

Joint degree with Centrale Nantes

Established in 2013, the fundamental partnership between Audencia and Centrale Nantes aims to make progress in teaching, research, engineering and management. It also seeks to strengthen international links and industrial partnerships through an innovative approach.



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Audencia and Centrale Nantes Graduates
Audencia et Centrale Nantes Students
Audencia and Centrale Nantes Permanent Faculty

Program Benefits

  1. Hybrid teaching: scientific and management subjects are taught throughout the program. Classes at École Centrale de Nantes in the morning and at Audencia in the afternoon.
  2. A 100% English international curriculum: 4 years of courses exclusively in English, minimum 15 months abroad including 1 semester in Casablanca and 1 semester in Shenzhen. The program welcomes both French and international students.
  3. Training closely linked to the corporate world: 12 months of internships during the course Practical workshops, conferences, and masterclasses led by our partner companies.
  4. Unique platforms and facilities: Centrale-Audencia-ensa incubators for researchers, students and graduates, to foster the creation of innovative start-ups; Supercomputer: hosted in Centrale, one of the most powerful regional computing centers in France, accessible to all students
  5. The expertise of two schools: a joint degree from two renowned schools. Shared resources and tools. Two alumni networks and two career centers for personalized support.

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