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2-Year MSc in Food and Agribusiness Management

Help the world's food and agriculture industry reinvent itself!

2-Year MSc in Food and Agribusiness Management

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The Agri-Food Industries (IAA) are the leading industrial sector in France in terms of employment and revenue, with 98% of SMEs in a wide range of activities, and renowned multinationals. It's a useful, dynamic, innovative and value-creating sector, but one that must face up to the challenges of environmental responsibility (impact of agricultural activities and food sovereignty, food waste and malnutrition, competitiveness and organic or GMO products, etc.).

The Master of Science in Food and Agribusiness Management (MSc. FAM) covers the major disciplines of management science applied to the agribusiness sector. The program provides tomorrow's leaders with the tools and thinking they need to innovatively and responsibly address the challenges of the future, such as feeding a growing population at a time when natural resources are at risk.

The MSc FAM is unique:
  1. A high level of cultural and academic diversity among students: you'll enrich each other's lives, and learn to work with people from different backgrounds,
  2. An unforgettable 2-month experience at a partner school in Brazil, giving you an insight into the challenges facing the food industry in Brazil and South America in general.,
  3. A business-oriented teaching approach prepares you pragmatically for the world of work; your professional network goes global.

At the end of the course, you will receive two diplomas: the Master of Science in Food and Agribusiness Management, awarded by the Audencia Business School in France, and the Master in Business Administration em Gestão de Agronegócios, awarded by the FECAP Business School in Brazil.
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  • Rhythm:
    Full time
  • Total duration:
    26 months
  • Degree:
    Master of science - Grade Master, Visé BAC+5
  • Language(s):
  • Format:
    In person
  • Campus:
    Audencia Atlantic Campus - Nantes, Brazil Campus - Brésil
  • Start Date:
  • Number of places:
  • VAE accessible:
  • Entry level:
  • Duration of internship / Work experience:
    4-6 months
  • Training schedule:
    The 2-year MSc program offers a total of 465 hours of training
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Program Benefits

  • Diverse cultural and academic backgrounds (students from all continents, 50% of whom are engineers and scientists),
  • A double MSc + MBA degree,
  • Studies in France and Brazil, two world leaders in the food industry,
  • A program applied to the field,
  • Small classes that bring together motivated students,
  • Strong emphasis on soft skills and emotional intelligence

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