Student Experience

When you join Audencia, you'll be joining Nantes (France's 6th largest city, known for its abundance of culture and creativity, as well as its many parks and green spaces), La Roche-sur-Yon (in the Vendée, right next to the ocean) or Paris (the capital, city of light)!
The teams are there to help you with any questions you may have during your time at Audencia: financial assistance, housing, inclusion, student tips...

Our campuses in France and abroad

Audencia - Students in front of the Atlantis Campus

Audencia is now present on several campuses in 8 cities and 3 countries!

Our School has three campuses in Nantes, a campus in Paris (Saint-Ouen), a campus in the Vendée region, four campuses in China as well as a campus in Brazil.

Practical matters

Audencia - Tramway in Nantes

Find all the practical advice and good tips for getting around, eating out and staying in Nantes, Paris and La Roche-sur-Yon.

Health and well-being

Audencia - Student during the MS Seminar class of 2019

In order to best support our students throughout their education, Audencia has developed "Wellbeing" to provide students with a service that allows them to meet their health and wellness needs on a daily basis.

Community life

Audencia - Students in a gym

31 associations

Thanks to our 31 associations spread across all our campuses, Audencia's associative fabric is both energetic and enterprising!

All of our associations' themes (economic, sports, cultural, humanitarian, CSR...) allow students to participate in professionalization projects and develop new skills.

Financing your studies

Audencia - Student checking these financing programs

Financing solutions

Audencia offers financial assistance solutions to facilitate access to its programs: bank loan offers, scholarships, company assignments, payment facilities.

Find the financial assistance available to help you prepare your study project.

The Knowledge Hub: the media library

Audencia - Students in the Knowledge Hub

Throughout the year, the Knowledge Hub team welcomes, educates and trains students in documentary research methodology, database consultation, bibliographic reference formatting and how to avoid plagiarism.

A team of 9 librarians is available to assist students and faculty with their research.


Audencia - Students working on the CSR challenge

An integral part of the Audencia experience

Entrepreneurship is not an option at Audencia, it's a core curriculum. Every student who graduates from Audencia receives entrepreneurship training.

Support programs, adaptable to each stage of development, are available to all entrepreneurial project leaders.