Audencia is constantly striving to evolve its teaching in order to meet, through a continuous improvement approach, the expectations of students and the challenges of transforming companies and society, which is why, in 2021, Audencia has created its own CFA.

Apprenticeship is a reciprocal value-added scheme

For the company, it's a contract that often allows it to meet immediate hiring needs and ensure effective, forward-looking job management by anticipating the company's growth without weakening it financially.

For the students, it's a guarantee of professionalization integrated into their training, through a long-term professional immersion in a company and the acquisition of a recognized diploma. It's also a program that allows students and their families to be relieved of the cost of training, while guaranteeing the payment of a salary.

In this way, apprenticeship makes a significant contribution to social openness, a major challenge for higher education that Audencia has included in its strategic priorities.

Apprenticeship in figures

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What is an apprenticeship contract?

A corporate immersion

The apprenticeship contract is a 6-month to 3-year employment contract between an employer and an employee, usually between the ages of 16 and 29, called an apprentice.

The apprentice alternates periods of theoretical classes taught at an apprentice training organization (Audencia) and periods of work time at the company under the mandatory responsibility of an apprentice master.

This apprenticeship contract allows the apprentice to obtain an Audencia diploma registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP). The apprentice enjoys the same rights as the other employees of the company. They must follow all the instructions of their employer and undertake to attend all the theoretical training sessions at Audencia.

An apprenticeship contract is signed between an apprentice and a company, in conjunction with Audencia.

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How long does the theoretical part of the training take?

The duration of the training within Audencia must represent at least 25% of the total duration of the apprenticeship contract.

It is included in the apprentice's effective working time, which is the same as of other employees, and is remunerated.

Throughout the duration of the training contract, the training alternates between courses at Audencia, which can be fully or partially distance-learned, and the practical application of knowledge in a work situation at the host company.

The rhythm of alternation depends on the course. It is defined by Audencia, which draws up the schedule and makes it available to the company and the student.